Thursday, December 25, 2008

At last after the long search for the perfect(for me lar) DSLR, i finally got a Sony DSLR a200w for RM2k++, I got my DSLR from a Sony Centre at Imperial Mall, Miri. Why Miri ?? There are a few kedai that i went in Sibu but can't find much of anything about Sony DSLR, it always Nikon, Canon and Olympus. Why Sony?? Currently i also own a Sony PnS so it might as well influence me to get a Sony.

This Sony A200w comes with 2 kit lens (DT18-70MM/F3.4-5.6, DT75-300MM/F4.5-5.6
), rechargeable battery pack and a charger, 1 shoulder strap, 2 front lens cap, 2 rear lens cap, 1 body cap, 1 sony camera bag, 1 compact flash(4GB)

Overall this a200(entry level) has almost all of basic thing that you need, it is worth buying and all i need to do now is start polishing my skills. :P

Twin Kit Lens (
DT18-70MM/F3.4-5.6, DT75-300MM/F4.5-5.6)


atie said...

aik! sama hobi duhal! yahooo ..hahahaha!mun camtok eh, boleh pencen awal, sak jadi potograper jak :))

|| -= n|ch0L45 =- || said...

mun nak pencen lak madah ... dpt pencen ramai2