Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Nikon D40X

@This has been on top of my hitlist/wishlist *drooool* for quite a while now. It's getting annoying day in and day out, i've been saving every penny that i could find just to get it removed from the LIST! :p

@So if there is anyone out there who is kind enough to share his or her piggy bank with me is most welcome to contact me :p


Borneoguy.com said...

Wahhhh me like this too hehehe

orly said...

d90 dah ada...target d90 jak lah,ko kan 'terrer'....xda duit?..jual kenari ko ngn aku,,,kui3..

|| -= n|ch0L45 =- || said...

wah3 ... d90 owh ... kenak x d100 jak owh, agik byk "lebih" gik mun ambuk d90 ya ... ataupun ko beli dolok ... kak ya ko jual ngan aku harga kawan ... 50% off